The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness

How to surf longer, catch more waves and boost your performance!

The Complete Guide To Surfing Fitness by Lee Stanbury brings together all the latest knowledge and techniques to offer a complete training programme for beginners to pros.

Illustrated with over 150 annotated photos and inspiring surf images, the guide covers everything from stretching and flexibility exercises to core strength, resistance training and plyometrics.

Also covered is the use of exercise equipment such as Swiss balls, Indo boards and Bosu balls as well as a swimming programme and tips for young surfers. Plus there’s no need to join a gym as all the exercises can be done at home.

 Surfing fitness!

Want to get Surf Fit?

Currently only the top man is available.. Currently.


With qualifications that include

Wright foundation -GP Referral Advanced Exercise Consultant

Head Swimming Coach – St Ives Bay Swimming Club

Advanced Personal Trainer and Instructor

Certificate in Weight Management and Nutrition

Sports Specific Training

Core Training

Lee is the author of the Complete Guide to Surf Fitness and is the Strength and conditioning adviser to top surf athletes, Ben Skinner and Oli Adams, and  a former strength and conditioning adviser to the U18 British surf team, team GB. Check out Lee’s surf fitness website at

A regular contributing writer to Swimming Times magazine, Carve and Surfer Girl Magazine, with past articles in H20 Open water magazine.

Contact –

OR Direct Mob 07795464162


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