Indo Portable Gym Natural

The Indo Board “Portable GYM Package”(PGP) fits perfectly into our busy lifestyles! Take it with you anywhere you go…outdoors or Indoors.

The Indo Board Boosts your Boarding performance!

You can perform single and two legged movements such as squats, lunges and step routines, as well as upper body work including push-ups and floor back bridges. Also, by using stability balls, free weights or stretch bands you can offer a broad array of dynamic core exercises that can be created to your specific program.

Replace the “IndoFLO” Cushion with the Roller to bring another dimension into the fitness program as you can train for all board sports as well as general balance, core training and control – PLUS IT IS LOTS OF FUN!

The Indo Carry Bag is the perfect travel accessory to help transport and protect your Indo Board Balance Trainer. There is plenty of extra room for workout clothes, yoga mats, water bottles, or other favorite gear.

The 1/4 inch foam padding safely carries a complete Original Training Package (Original model deck, roller, and IndoFLO cushion)

The Portable Gym Package comes with a FREE demo DVD.

Order Indo Portable Gym Natural Deck, roller, demo DVD and air filled IndoFLO cushion and indoBag. @ £165.00

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